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Star Products (STATU550) Master Fuel Injection Kit

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Features and Benefits: Covers most models 1988 through 2004. Includes five most popular banjo bolt test adapters: M14 x 1.50, M12 x 1.50, M12 x 1.25, M10 x 1.00 and M8 x 1.00. Banjo bolt test adapters and vehicles banjo bolts are the same size hex, which enables the Technician to use the same wrench for component removal and installation. Contains M6 x 1.00 Honda test port adapter. Includes fuel pump deadhead pressure test adapter with 1/4 in., 5/16 in. and 3/8 in. hose sizes. The test gauge assembly disconnects from the test hose and valve assembly for easier storage and improved gauge protection. The redesigned 71317 fuel line tee can now accommodate 3/8 in. hose sizes in addition to the 1/4 in. and 5/16 in. previously accommodated hose sizes. Contains longer tee adapter cut test hoses for easier connections.

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