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Portasol (PTLHP820) High Powered 820 Watt Gas Torch


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Features and Benefits: Compact, lightweight (7 oz.) high power with a massive 2798 BTU per hour burn rate Powerful adjustable blue flame (length over 4") for heavy-duty industrial applications Guaranteed self-ignition with a sure-fire piezo, twin-spark electrode system - lights first time every time Robust, stainless steel front-end construction with specially designed extra-strong internal components - spare jets available also for field repair and longer life One-year replacement warranty - sound effects for freeHigh Power Gas Torch with a burn rate of 2798 BTU per hour. Compact durable and safe, the Portasol HP820 Watt is designed for heavy-duty industrial applications in confined spaces and restricted areas. Four times more powerful than our original torch, One-year replacement warranty - sound effects for free. Applications -Oxygen sensor removal and repair -Plumbing -Air conditioning and radiator repair -Bolt, stud, brake drum removal Portasol Professional tools for life