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Lucas Oil (LUC10669) Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner, Removes Carbon Deposits, Improves MPG, 5.25 oz Bottle, Case of 24

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Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner is designed to clean the entire intake system and combustion chamber including injectors, piston tops, intake ports, cylinder heads and intake valves. Our product contains special Lucas additives to improve fuel economy, reduce NOx emissions, increase power, acceleration and reduce octane requirement increase allowing the consumer to use lower octane fuel. Our product effectively removes carbon deposits and eliminates knocking and pinging. Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner effectively lubricates fuel pumps and rings for longer cylinder life. The active chemistry in our product has been fleet and OEM tested with excellent results. Our product is low odor, alcohol free and is oxygen sensor safe. For best results, one 5.25 ounce bottle treats up to 15 gallons. We recommend using Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. Our product brings sluggish engines back to life.

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