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Lisle (LIS69250) Terminal Leads with Power/Switch/Fuse Kit

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Features and Benefits: Provides easy access to check current or voltage using nearly all of the fuse and relay boxes used on vehicles today. Includes five pairs of terminal lead wires with different size male and female spade ends and one set that has no ends on it, allowing the technician to crimp on any style end that is needed. Two 3-1/2 foot extension lead wires can be used to move the switch away from the electrical panel or to the ground when the vehicle is on a hoist. The lead wires provide circuit access on many of the fuses used on vehicles today, such as the Female-Pal, JK, LJK, Male-L-mini, Mini, ATO, and Maxi. The inline ATO fuse holder protects the meter being used and the circuit on the vehicle. The kit allows testing of relay configurations not covered by our eight Relay Test Jumpers, for example: relays found on Volkswagen, BMW and other European vehicles. The in-line switch gives the ability to control the circuit on and off. Stacking banana connectors on the switch allow technicians to connect a multimeter into the circuit to test the voltage or current, providing a series break-in point to eliminate the need for a clamp on meter. The circuit can be powered for testing by using the power lead connected to the 12 volt positive side of the battery. The kit works without piercing wires.

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