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Lisle (LIS19250) Bolt Remover Set

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19250Remover Set Bolt Features and Benefits: The 6 piece set removes standard and metric bolts, nuts and studs from 1/4" to 9/16" (6mm t 14mm). Drive the proper size remover over the bolt head, nut or stud. The remover spine cuts into the bolt head or threads for sure grip. Then use a back and forth motion with a wrench or socket to free the fastener. Works well even on flush mounted bolts and nuts. Provides a no slip grip that withstands high torque. Made of super strong, hardened tool steel for durability. Includes: 19250 Stuck bolt, nut, and stud remover set 19260 #1 remover. Fits 1/4" and 6mm 19270 #2 remover. Fits 5/16" and 8mm 19280 #3 remover. Fits 3/8" and 10mm 19290 #4 remover. Fits 7/16" and 11mm 19300 #5 remover. Fits 1/2" and 13mm 19310 #6 remover. Fits 9/16" and 14mm

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