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Horizon Tool Inc (CAL556) Marine Portable Power Jump Starter

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Features and Benefits: 1700 Peak Amps. 22Hr Battery 300CCA. 300 Watt power inverter. 48" 4 gauge cables. Starts over 40 vehicles on a single charge. With a premium long life battery the Allstart Marine Portable Power Pac by Cal-Van is for outdoor enthusiasts or professionals who need strong, dependable starting power along with the convenience of a power supply all in one. The ability to provide over 40 jumps between charges, and also include a 300 watt DC-to-AC inverter to power cell phone chargers, laptops, radio, etc, makes it as handy as it is powerful. Allstart products are specifically designed for jump starting applications; capable of delivering 1700 peak Amps and 300 cold-cranking amps of starting power. High grade 550 amp fully insulated copper clamps with high-tension springs penetrate corrosion on battery terminals and transfer maximum power to the vehicle’s battery. Its durable, drop-tested, chemical, heat and cold resistant case offers protection from everyday shop, garage and outdoor environments. Whether you’re in the shop, on the dock or on the water, the Allstart Marine Portable Power Pac can be stored easily and safely for when you need it most.

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