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Blair (BLR13214) 3/8in. Double-End Spotweld & Access Cutter (3 Pack)

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Features and Benefits: Blair's Double-End Spotweld Cutter with twice the tool life is the unique 3/8" diameter hardened and precision ground cutting tool that makes removing spot welded body panels fast and easy. Hollow design cuts around weld, thus hardness does not affect tool sharpness. An adjustable depth rod sets the tool so only the outer panel is cut through, leaving the underlying panel undamaged. Double-End Cutters are packaged in sets of three. When one end becomes dull, simply unscrew the cutter from the arbor, and reassemble with the new teeth exposed. With arbor, for use in any 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" chuck hand held drill.

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