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Frequency Asked Questions

(Q) I've added an item to my cart, but when I go to checkout, it says CART IS EMPTY?

(A) This tends to happen with Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.  We strongly suggest that you try another browser such as Chrome, or FireFox, and the issue should be cleared up.


(Q) How much is shipping?

(A) Shipping is a flat rate $10.99, no matter if you order a wrench or a bench.  $10.99 may seem a bit over the top for a wrench, but is certainly a great deal on a bench. 


(Q) Do you have this item in stock?

(A) If you can see the item on our site, there is AT LEAST THREE (3) of that item in stock at the time of the last inventory update (Thursday evenings).


(Q) Do you ship to <insert country name here>?

(A) We only ship to USA based addresses.  So, if you live outside the USA, you'll have to ship to a freight forwarder based in the USA.


(Q) Do you offer expedited shipping?

(A) No.  We ship via FedEx ground, and we have 12 warehouses located across the country.  You item will ship from the closest warehouse that has the item in stock.  Typically, you'll have your item in 2-3 days, often times the next day with our standard shipping.