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About us

aToolCrib was started by myself, John Skurka, back in 2005.  I wanted to offer professional quality tools to not only the professional mechanic, but to also the folks that want to work on their own car in their in garage.

We're based out of Upstate NY, but our wholesaler has warehouses all over the USA including NY, MD, FL, TX, GA, CA, IN, MI, AZ, WA and IA.  That means that your order will ship from the warehouse closest to you that has your item in stock.  What that REALLY means to you is that you get your item FAST with flat rate shipping.

We've been selling on, and until just recently, on  but Sear unceremoniously closed our account without explanation. We're also selling on our own site, which as of August 2016, is hosted on the Shopify platform.

I'm also a LARGE distributor of DRI WASH 'n GUARD(R) Waterless Car Wash.  I've been selling it on the internet since 2003, and continue to do so today.

I'm a car guy, and I love tools.  I want to give you the best deal on tools too.  I would appreciate the opportunity.

John Skurka

Owner -

 My 1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback - Purchased in 1980.